Acupuncture can power up any other weight control strategy by: Curbing appetite, quelling cravings, Boosting metabolism, Improving digestion, Regulating obesity-related hormones Enhancing the way nutrients…

Michael Beyslac 

I practice patient-centered car with evidence-based acupuncture and herbal medicine for over 20 years. 

Acupuncture can power up any other weight control strategy by:

The inserted needles act to stimulate the release of endorphins, the body’s natural “feel good” hormones. This can create a calming, relaxing effect, which counteracts the need for excessive eating brought about by increased stress, frustration or anxiety. In this respect, acupuncture can calm those so afflicted and help them lose weight without resorting to drugs. 

The Research:

  1. A Turkish study suggests that acupuncture may help to regulate weight owing to its beneficial effects on hormones such as insulin, leptin, ghrelin, and CholeCystoKinin in obese subjects even after a few weeks of treatment.
  2. A Greek study shows that control of overeating and anxiety using ear acupuncture was beneficial in the analysis of 800 studies.
  3. A Korean study indicates that BMI, waist circumference, body fat mass decreased significantly after eight weeks of treatment
  4. A Chinese study brings up the possibility that acupuncture has an ecological role in the gastrointestinal tract. Alteration of Bacteroidetes after acupuncture treatment may be one of the mechanisms for weight loss.

In conclusion, acupuncture is a great way to supplement weight loss along with positive lifestyle changes such as; diet and exercise. 

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